Forget Monte Verità and its spirit – that was over a century ago.


Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland, is a very popular tourist region. Vairano, at the eastern side of Lago Maggiore, is a typical Ticinese village with a small church and some mediocre restaurants. A village, where the ordinary Swiss citizen spends a life-times savings on buying holiday homes of questionable taste. The main focus seems to be on keeping the lawn cut to precisely 5 millimeters, no matter the effort.


Now let us explain what this is about

We are offering the use of a rustic but grand mansion with spacious surroundings and a view over the lake. It is far away from the urban and the familiar and the residents live and work in a temporary community with other artists. The residency team will from time to time also stay at the house. Because there are so few distractions in the area it provides the best condition to question and develop your daily practice.


Individuals, as well as collectives, can apply to spend four weeks in Vairano.

We passionately maintain a garden area in the grounds which includes around 1000 sqm. We keep close to nature and try to use the warm yet humid conditions. The residents can participate in a variety of work in the garden or the house, according to their interests and knowledge.


We continue to invest in this old and unique house, including furnishings and equipment, to provide you a ideal environment for your work. The project evolved from a family-based concern into what is now a fully running residency. Our motivation is to embrace contemporary questions in design, art and society. We mainly finance the project through private hire.


The current team consists of Patrick Rohner, Sabina Winkler and Mario Suter. Our professional background is design and art.


Please contact us

We’re at Nucleo Vairano 12, 6575 Vairano S. Nazzaro, Switzerland

Office: Bruchstrasse 38, 6003 Luzern, Switzerland

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Image credits, top down: PWR Studio, Laboratorio Sasso, Pascale Küng, Lorenz Rieser, Evelyne Laube.