29 Aug 16

Brändli/Heller/Pregger/Schwegler – 1 – research, rules and structures


As a group of four Basel based individuals, we have been researching and discussing the contemporary swiss cultural institutions for over a year. During our residency here we’re now trying to tie together the different aspects that arised during those discussions. We’ll also come up with a specific action/project.

Last week we defined basic rules for the functioning of our working sessions – according to Christopher Dell’s improvisational theory that proposes a minimum of rules for a maximum of variance.

We designed a very rough daily routine we strictly stick to. The morning sessions are devoted to the work on our possible action and it’s aesthetics. Afternoon sessions are dedicated to transcendental and expanding perspectives – we work on our ethics (rules, parameters, references), discuss theoretical aspects and our critique – all focussed on institutions.

But besides this rough time frame – and this is vital – we take affective decisions, make no further plans and proceed intuitionally and tactically – never strategically.

We have also read and discussed a lot of books, manifestos, artistic concepts and essays which are important to our undertaking, thinking and proceeding – such as:
„Die improvisierende Organisation“ by Christopher Dell
„Komplizenschaft“ by Gesa Ziemer
„Black Mountain College“ published by Nationalgalerie der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin (Eugen Blume, Matilda Felix, Gabriele Knapstein and Catherine Nichols)
„Kollaboration“ by Mark Terkessidis
„Eine neue Soziologie für eine neue Gesellschaft“ by Bruno Latour

We are very happy to welcome 1-2 guests per week who expand our view on our topics and find accomplices for what we’re looking to achieve.

23 Aug 16

Saskia Winkelmann & Samuel Savenberg – Week 4

A bit belated, here’s our recap of the last of our four weeks at Sasso Residency. We already had to leave Thursday evening, so the fourth week went by even faster. After some low-points and unexpected sickness the week before (damn you Magen-Darm!) we managed to make up for lost time. We now will take a break from our project and then start putting the finishing touches on it.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the nice folk behind Sasso Residency for having us as well as Gina, Anne, Alice and Patrizio for the times we shared.

Until next time
Saskia & SamuelIMG_0635

19 Aug 16

Anne and Gina -week 4 – true blue

This week started with the Assumption and the other Madonna´s Birthday. So we went to the church in S. Nazzaro to celebrate the mass and ask the holy mother a last time for an inspirational week.
She heard obviously our prayers and we finalized our concept and went for the last time on Monte Gambarogno to shoot videos. The weather was perfect and we got even saved from a mad herd of goats. Thank you Mama Madonna!IMG_6667IMG_6660

16 Aug 16

tuta – week 3 – Diga

In this past week we went to Val Verzasca just to have a one day trip. We saw the big dam and the super beautiful rocks on the river. We also finished our illustrations for the book and now we are going to conclude this.

14 Aug 16

Anne and Gina – week 3 – veils and bergruf

calling madonna on top of monte gambarogno

“Im Anfang war Madonna
Ave,heilige Wortgebärerin der Dreifaltigkeit, der Unberührtheit, du erste alte Jungfer trächtig trotz fest verschlosser Keuschheit personifiziert in weltumfassender Schönheit und aufgespritzter Jugendlichkeit…”

to be continued.

14 Aug 16

Saskia Winkelmann & Samuel Savenberg – Week 3

We got some photos developed and are very happy how they turned out.palmsandmountains15

Writing and recording kept us busy. Time flies.