23 Jul 16

Si-Ying Fung – Week 4 – Lago Lago


This was the last week of our great stay here in Sasso Residency! It’s been raining since yesterday which makes the deaparture easier.


We had been in the luxurious situation to have time for wandering around, trying out new techniques and exchange which makes me feel very thankful for this chance I’ve been given here. Like many other times I came with different ideas for the work I planned to do, but once I arrived here, other aspects became more interesting for my work. This might seem unsatisfying at first but actually is one of the best things to happen in a creative process and gave me many new ideas for following works. Thanks for everything to the people from Sasso Residency and Jens, Charlie and Sarah for this experience.

23 Jul 16

Sarah Schneider – Week 4 – You’re Joking


It’s amazing how fast the month has flown by and I am sad to go! It’s a rainy final day here as we clean and pack up. Last night when I got into bed a tiny lizard jumped out from under my covers and scurried away. I will miss my new friends, the beautiful scenery, and all the time to draw. Thank you to Patrick, Charlie, Si-Ying, and Jens for making this wonderful experience possible.



22 Jul 16

Jens Rausch – week 4 I want to remember



I want to remember the forest with its still so strong wilderness. I want to remember the mosquitos which bit me to much while painting. I want to remember the light and shadowing, this gorgeous lake view, the foggy steamy-cloudy sometimes hazy mountains. I want to remember the colours of the forest, the trees, the view through the trees. I want to remember the fern in its ‘oxidized’ and greenish colour.

I want to remember the places I was sitting and standing and which gave so much to me. That´s why I harvested this scetchbook out of the woods. Trying to remember.

Thank you Patrick for being here, thank you Sarah, Si-Ying and Charlie for your critic and staying with me. Thank you Sasso!


18 Jul 16

Charlie Duck – Week 3 – Alpine pootles

Descending the mountain last week I chanced upon this delivery cart, taking supplies to a restaurant located improbably high up the hill. A nice bit of order amongst the chaos.

Beyond gawping at cabled crates, I have continued to work in sketchbooks. Despite the chaos, there is a sense of order within the drawings. Somewhere.

charlieduck3I also collected the ceramics from Edith. Thankfully all five survived the second fire. They are a series of painted slabs, produced from the sketchbook drawings made during my first week here.


18 Jul 16

Sarah Schneider – Week 3 – Going the Distance

This week we climbed to the top of Monte Gambarogno, past waterfalls, open fields, and grazing cows, all the way to the metal cross at the top. It was beautiful and interesting and we could see out over many mountains in every direction. Beyond the book I came here to work on, I’ve been making some looser sketchbook drawings. This has been a helpful way to explore new ideas and ways of drawing. Here’s one I made of fireworks over the mountain

mountainfireworksClose to the top, we stopped to sit on a bench that looked out over the farm we had walked through. In this recording, you can hear the distant sound of cowbells, birds, and wind.