Saskia Winkelmann, Samuel Savenberg

Jul 24 –
Aug 20 2016
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Saskia Winkelmann & Samuel Savenberg – Week 1

Jul 29 2016

Hello, we’re Saskia and Samuel from Berne and Lucerne, Switzerland. We are working in the fields of Writing respectively Sound Art. In the beginning we had various reasons to apply for this residency, and after our first week staying here we are still trying to figure out where exactly this leads us to. 

Working in the so-called fields of creativity often goes along with neither a stable income nor structured workdays/weeks. It is precarity that we’ve chosen over a „normal job“ (or at least so we’re told). The classic concept of vacation of the European middle-class is slightly alien to us but at the same time fascinating. Therefore, the region of the Lago Maggiore and Ticino in general is a perfect place to make studies and observations about.


During the first week we’ve been busy absorbing the scenery via various recording techniques and a lot of talks. We set up a small cosy recording studio, took some nice walks and Saskia eventually recorded a podcast to get us in the mood. 

Saskia Winkelmann & Samuel Savenberg – Week 2

Aug 7 2016

The second week went by really fast. One thought we couldn’t help but notice was that we’re not here for holidays but to be in an environment that allows us to work focused and without the usual distractions. But then again, we can’t hide from our daily-life routine. At least not completely. Deadlines won’t just change and emails keep on coming in. Besides, dishes and laundry have to be done and some daily necessities such as food or household items have to get organized. But so be it. We surely can’t complain and so far we’re having a very intense and full-filling time. We plan our stay with daily time schedules which include swimming and hiking as well as recording music, reading essays and evaluating our process. In the beginning this felt a bit odd to do, but it definitely makes sense. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we went to the northern part of Ticino, the San Gottardo region around Airolo and Faido. The once very touristic area has become abandoned and forgotten. The climate itself is barren and a bit dreary. It is an impressive contrast to the village of Vairano. Faidos decay might also indicate how western society and its view on leisure/holidays has changed. We sometimes have the feeling as if the people here (e.g staying in their holiday homes over weekends/summertime) are the last of a dying breed. 

Of course, these impressions and thoughts find their ways into our work. We are collecting, photographing and recording a lot. Our database keeps growing and after all we finally know what kind of atmosphere we want to recreate with our texts and recordings.

On another note: We have a second installment of our podcast-series. Click here.  


Saskia Winkelmann & Samuel Savenberg – Week 3

Aug 14 2016

We got some photos developed and are very happy how they turned out.palmsandmountains15

Writing and recording kept us busy. Time flies.


Saskia Winkelmann & Samuel Savenberg – Week 4

Aug 23 2016

A bit belated, here’s our recap of the last of our four weeks at Sasso Residency. We already had to leave Thursday evening, so the fourth week went by even faster. After some low-points and unexpected sickness the week before (damn you Magen-Darm!) we managed to make up for lost time. We now will take a break from our project and then start putting the finishing touches on it.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the nice folk behind Sasso Residency for having us as well as Gina, Anne, Alice and Patrizio for the times we shared.

Until next time
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