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Aug 12 –
Sep 7 2017
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Annina Haab – Week 1 – title or content – reflexivity

Aug 19 2017

here we are.


the aim of my stay in sasso residency is to figure out how to put things together.  ha. it’s kind of a big plan. during the last year I collected around 240 scenes of a roman, which now should be put in the right order…

(To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task […] now. (S.Beckett))

during the last week i have been writing some sort of lists to get an overview and sort out what could be a possible arrangement… which is not that much displayable,






luckily there is some clouds left…

Annina Haab – Week 2 – looking for aspects in a haystack

Aug 26 2017

Some recent thoughts or maybe rather questions related to my work

what is mine, and what is not? as “the” text is changing, am I so? Who’s whom? Is it mine or am I his/its?
what means authorship, not in view of a society/public, but in view of myself and the text?

as I am changing is the text changing as well? the text is changing me, whilst I let the language emerge from my body, whilst I decide or at least seem making decisions concerning it’s form, style and appearance, isn’t there a change performed on me? isn’t there something that is cumbersome and bulky, that declines any use, that tries to topple over, to become self-determined and self-contained, to become a self.
should I then allow? (if it was up to me) Should this be the aim?
Is it so us speaking? Where and where from do we speak?
What is the unmentionable “before”: necessity for any „language-appearance“
What is presence, what is pre-sense and pre-sentence, (what is only pre-tense only pre-tentious)

Is there a materiality in language? Is there anything else than our voice that is bounding a speech to our body? Some call the voice the actual material side of language, this is, to my mind, but our materality, occurring in sound, which is non-material as language is non-material, so is it maybe us, the materiality of the language. To occur, language is depending on a transmitter which will be himself material but will always be something from which language in itself is not depending, such as we will not evaluate the same text as a different piece of language whether we hear it or read it, whether we hear it recorded or live, whether we read it on paper or a screen. Same words, same order: same text.

The form of the text is not the languages form. The languages form is the text.

Annina Haab – Week 3 – slowly dissolving

Sep 2 2017

the penguin I’m dreaming of every night (no, truly no kangaroo)

this week is (for me)
wine beer ans peas (excuse me for mentioning)
thoughts about honesty humour and the cheap sides of zynism
(no, we clearly don’t like them)
becoming manifested in hardcore-cheesy songs interpreted by me (my humble self)

is there?
the right word to find and to be found
(„I wouldn’t mind the dying / but the lying in the grave so long“)

Thank you for the letters.
I appreciate the weather (according to Barthes phatic function of the language.)

And I wish, one day I’ll be able to shut my mouth when everybody else is (doing so)