Anthon Astrom, Lukas Zimmer

Oct 1 –
Oct 22 2013
Hochparterre issue 11/2013 cover by Astrom Zimmer
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Books, Rooms and Browsers

Oct 4 2013

11 Rooms, 1 fireplace, 12 Tables, 26 Chairs and 23 Books as a starting point.
Diving back into the content that works as fuel and inspiration for our work, is the privilege we want to allow us in this next 3 weeks.
The next 3 weeks should give us time to further contextualise and enrich our A/Z Labs projects.
After developing several Tools – interactive ideas, we call them – we are now searching for an other language to express our ideas. Equiped with camera, sound recorder, pen and paper we are curious to see where our narration leads us.




Books, Path and still grey

Oct 13 2013

More than the half of our Sasso-Residency time is over. We count the 12th day of grey now. There was only last friday afternoon, where we had light for 4 hours. Anthon and me didn’t missed out, not one of the sun rays that reached the house.
Thoughts from Rushkoff, Virillo, Weinberger and many  snippets from the internet are still overwhelming us, but nontheless we get a feeling where the journey will take us.
Our aim is to get ready a rough sketch of our path of narration tomorrow at 20:00.
The importance of spatial relations for for the building process of knowledge will be central for this first outline – or talking in Vairano language – at the Nucleo of the village we will build.