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Jul 7 –
Aug 2 2018
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Chantal Küng – Week 1 – watery beings

Jul 15 2018

“Few things are more planetary and more intimate than our bodies of water.” -Astrida Neimanis; Hydrofeminism: Or, On Becoming a Body of Water

This week; arrival, looking down at lakes and up into figue trees, meeting up, playing with water and searching for the colours of Sasso;


The plant colour poem of today. I am trying to make a dress with the colours of Sasso. This is also a preparation for the Urban Color Research Group, an upcoming project where we will be dyeing with urban herbs and plants. I gave plant dye baths to “Hydrofeminism”, a text by Astrida Neimanis, which I will present next week in Genova at the Feminist Fiction Research School I am organising with my friend Romy Rüegger. We will be diving, ebbing, dripping, thinking about oceanic beginnings.

I have not forgotten Doris (Stauffer) for sure; a picture of her on the beach with only her head sticking out of the sand was accompanying me; I gave it some herbal treatments, too. Next Saturday would be her birthday and I will be watering some ships for her into the mare mediterraneo.



Chantal Küng – Week 2 – come è bello dire no

Jul 22 2018

“Come è bello dire no” steht auf einem Plakat.
Im “archivio dei movimenti” in Genova treffen wir auf 5 Frauen,
einige davon sind Teil der Gruppe “Le archinaute”.
Navigating through the archive-
erklärt eine von ihnen ihren Namen.
Wir navigieren kollektiv durch die Zeit.

Chantal Küng – Week 3 – A dress and a book for Sasso

Jul 30 2018


Book for Sasso, 2018
Sketches, drawings, and pieces of cotton, with drawings and leftovers by Andrea Rickhaus, Chantal Küng and Romy Kroppe
The book is a gift to the library of Sasso Residency


Dress and Hanger for Sasso, 2018
100% cotton, hand sewn, coloured with plants and vegetables from Sasso; wood pieces and string from the workshop