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Jun 26 –
Jul 23 2016
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Charlie Duck – Week 1 – Ja, genau

Jul 4 2016

My name is Charlie Duck, I am an artist from the UK.

In my first week at Sasso I have made the most of my new surroundings, working outdoors as much as possible. Each morning I have followed the numerous paths criss-crossing Mount Gambarogno, the mountain behind the house, drawing as I go.

Charlie Duck

In the afternoons I have tended to either read or spend time producing further drawings and paintings, using the sketches produced in the mornings as points of departure.

In the evenings Jens, Sarah, Si-Ying and myself have walked, scrumped, swum, climbed and cooked together.

Alongside all of that, I also spent some time in the studio of local artist, Edith Corrieri, where I began a number of ceramic pieces, continuing on from work made back in the UK. They will be bisque fired this week, and then I will return to glaze them.edith

Charlie Duck – Week 2 – Granite in the Soul

Jul 12 2016

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It seems impossible to go anywhere in Ticino without having to somehow navigate the monolithic granite lumps that people the landscape.

The rock is particular to this region and used for everything from vineyard stanchions to preposterously proportioned tables. Most surprisingly perhaps, it is even used for the bulky water troughs at the top of the mountains. Lucky goats.

The forms have started to creep into the sketchbook drawings I have been producing over the last week.


I also spent more time with the ever-ebullient Edith Corrieri. This week I glazed the ceramics and they entered the kiln for a second fire. This is how some of them looked before being fired.


All under the expert supervision of Tabitha.


Charlie Duck – Week 3 – Alpine pootles

Jul 18 2016

Descending the mountain last week I chanced upon this delivery cart, taking supplies to a restaurant located improbably high up the hill. A nice bit of order amongst the chaos.

Beyond gawping at cabled crates, I have continued to work in sketchbooks. Despite the chaos, there is a sense of order within the drawings. Somewhere.

charlieduck3I also collected the ceramics from Edith. Thankfully all five survived the second fire. They are a series of painted slabs, produced from the sketchbook drawings made during my first week here.


Charlie Duck – Week 4 – Short back and sides sir?

Jul 22 2016

It seems like everyone is tying up loose ends round here, myself included. Most of my clothes are now being used to keep my ceramics safe, so fingers crossed for good weather. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet!