Claire Paugam

Aug 12 –
Sep 7 2017
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Claire Paugam – Week 1 – Attempting the Embrace

Aug 19 2017

Claire Paugam, visual artist,

I am fascinated by the mountains around, something in the air colors them with tender blue. I am working on various patterns to place them on the magnificent, untouchable mountains. I want to disturb the landscape.
My first instinct is to develop my research for visual analogy between mineral and organic objects. It might change. 

Claire Paugam – Week 2 – attempt to reorganise the organised

Aug 27 2017

Claire Paugam, visual artist

Natural objects are studied in order to be classified, categorised, there is a deep need to structure nature. That is to say, interpret how natural objects are organised.

In the state of deep anger, human body gets wild, social and cultural boundaries leave for some moments. It might be the spear of our true emotional expression, when we completely let go.

I decided to capture these moments of unrestrained emotion and place them in the context of educational drawings of natural objects.


Claire Paugam – Week 3 – slack

Sep 2 2017, visual artist

I repeat patterns I am obsessed with.

Blackness /// potential disappearance /// slackly fluids /// moving inwardly alone /// that mouth /// the tenderness of rude rocks.