Illustration Workshop «Buongiorno It’s Playtime»

Sep 1 –
Sep 7 2013

A one-week illustration workshop that has opened the first Sasso Residency season.

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«Buongiorno, It’s Playtime»

Aug 29 2013

Organisiert von Evelyne Laube mit Doris Freigofas (DE), Kim David Bots (NL), Laura Jurt (CH), Nicolas Robel (CH), Nina Wehrle (CH), Ray Hegelbach (CH), Tiziana Jill Beck (DE), Valerio Vidali (IT).

Die eingeladenen Künstler verlassen ihren Atelieralltag um sich in Vairano zum Workshop «Buongiorno, It’s Playtime» zu treffen. Die Woche besteht abwechslungsweise aus praktischen und theoretischen Teilen. Jeder Teilnehmer ist dazu eingeladen an einem Tag einen Workshop und einen Vortrag zu halten. Die internationale Zusammensetzung der Teilnehmer ermöglicht diesen neue Inputs aus anderen Bereichen und die Gelegenheit zum Austausch und zu Kollaborationen.

Day 2: Printmaking Workshop Tutti Frutti with Laura Jurt

Sep 3 2013

The workshop is a short introduction into a simple manual printing method, the stencil printing technique. Paper is the basic material for the stencils, it’s easy to cut, scratch and emboss. With this simple and quick printing process we created an alphabet of fruits printed in black and white. With one paper cut multiple variations and motives are possible. The limits of the technique lead to experimentation.

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Day 2: Handicap Parkour with Ray Hegelbach

Sep 3 2013

Every participant invented a handicap for another member of the group which reduced their abilities. They were then given a subject to draw and randomly confronted with the different obstacles which they had to overcome. Restrictive glasses, dysfunctional drawing tools or standards of unusual conditions influenced their perception. Solving the exercises with mental or physical limitations entailed an unknown approach to drawing.

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Day 3: Sexercise with Tiziana Jill Beck

Sep 4 2013

This workshop explores two different approaches to express sexual issues in art. In the first part each participant obtain three randomly chosen words in order to create a sexually associated work of art. For example “fountain-close- hermaphrodite” or “hairy-dress-eaThe second exercise is to transform one existing artwork from a selection of erotic art. The participants are asked to deal with particular aspects of the chosen artwork and reinterprete it with free choice of material and size.K52S1272K52S1268K52S1293K52S1296_K521362

Reinterpretation of Pauline Bunny by Sarah Lucas



Reinterpretation of erotic objects by Marcel Duchamp

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 7.12.35 PM


Reinterpretation of library by Viviane Sassen

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Day 4: Allegro ma non troppo, Hiking and Picnic in Indemini

Sep 5 2013


Day 5: Workshop with Kim David Bots

Sep 6 2013

In the workshop I gave I tried to explore the way people associate and react to given material. It consisted of 9 packets, each filled with different types of image material and a book. Some books were big with little pages and others small with many. The assignment was for each person to take one of the packets and work in the corresponding book for 15 minutes, using the given material every which way possible. After 15 minutes the books switch and whole exercise is repeated. The packets change hands nine times, so that every person has the possibility to contribute to every book.

The goal of this exercise was to force people to work quickly, associatively and to see how they would react to others in(ter)ventions. The different sizes of the books and the diverse image material were there to give a certain direction; working in a small book is different in rhythm and form than working in a bigger book.


Lecture in the late evening…



Day 5: Illustrating a Card Game with Doris Freigofas

Sep 6 2013

Jass is very famous in Switzerland and it is played by old and young. Like dice or game boards, playing cards can be illustrated just like a “portable gallery”.

In the workshop we created a complete Jass card game together. The participants worked in groups of two using papercutting and a fixed selection of colors. Each group developed a series of nine playing cards consisting of the numbers 6-9, Banner, Under, Ober and Ass. The goal was to find individual visual interpretations of the cards, bearing in mind that they still need to be usable for playing Jass.




Day 6: Workshop with Nina Wehrle

Sep 7 2013

The very last workshop was about drawing letters. The past week we spent a lot of time together with drawing, discussions and laughter. We were full of feelings and impressions that we wanted to communicate with others. The workshop was about conveying these experiences to someone else by drawing postcards and letters. These letters were structured with a greeting, an introduction of yourself, an introduction of the group and an outline of the activities of the past week. We tried to explore the classical format of letters and postcards and play with the possibilities that the postal service offers.

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Day 6: Cartography-Workshop with Valerio Vidali

Sep 7 2013

In this workshop we played with the languages of cartography. Each of us had the task to hide something (a small gift or a message) in the streets of Vairano, or in the house that hosted us, and then draw a map to help the residency’s mates to find the little treasures.

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Arrivederci and grazie mille

Sep 8 2013

Thank you very much for reading. I would also like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the sponsors, and to Sasso Residency for making the drawing week possible.

Thank you also to Doris Freigofas, Nicolas Robel and Ray Hegelbach for contributing photos to this blog. I hope this week was inspiring and will lead you to new thoughts and ideas. I sincerely hope we can do the drawing workshop again next year.