Joana Castilhos

Aug 12 –
Sep 7 2017
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Joana Castilhos – Week 1 – antidry

Aug 19 2017

hi hi hi

the bees have done a party today on the fig trees

im – in the environment, lines, lights and underlines. slices and flys. the instruments, from the kitchen to nose, from the garden to ears, from bath to elbows. and so,

why we talk with this alpha bête?

i saw people eating melon without their hands. body as larve. hands as vers. blow air around shapes. space colouring or. eating. i couched my hair before go sleep.

i’m looking for signs without culture : non language approaches or communications beyond according codes. Die w – vast – r nature und our relations, intimacy and freedom – one time the rules can be on decal age : tuned from out inside : turned by tangent.



janecek gerald on zaum 1996

Joana Castilhos – Week 2 – eatingspittingart

Aug 28 2017

– étude de chaise d’enfant A –

Joana Castilhos – Week 3 – bodyviscous

Sep 3 2017