Pascale Küng, Martina Walther

May 18 –
Jun 14 2015
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Week 1 Pascale Küng & Martina Walther

May 23 2015

We got the chance for an exhibition in Glarus, CH

(“Zwischensaison”, 26.06. – 02.10.2015).

We are working with clay. The topic is about the paradise and the fragility about this pure, perfect, innocent and lovely situation – this absolutely perfection can break so easy, because mankind is unable to preserve the paradise, there will be always sins.

The “Zwischensaison” takes plays in a garden, which stands for the paradise. In this paradise are women and there will be sins.

The work of that exhibition links to our main project, but works independently as an installation for that garden.

The exhibition and our main project came out of the same theme. In week 2 we will start working with the main project. It`s about our interest on the swiss sagas:  the exact moment, where something breakes apart and the human being shows his real aims, desires, wishes and fears.

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Week 2 Pascale Küng & Martina Walther

May 30 2015



DSC_0008 Kopie

We started sketching our main project: human emotions, spiritual abyss, inner conflicts, drives, wishes, feares and intentions. The atmosphere is heavy, nagging, ambivalent and heavy with meaning…



DSC_0038 Kopie

DSC_0017 Kopie

DSC_0036 Kopie

DSC_0032 Kopie

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DSC_0029 Kopie

DSC_0025 Kopie

DSC_0021 Kopie

DSC_0019 Kopie

Week 3 Pascale Küng & Martina Walther

Jun 7 2015

Progress with the drawings.
zeichnung-tuch12 zeichnung-tuch10 zeichnung-tuch9 zeichnung-tuch8 zeichnung-tuch zeichnung-tuch6 zeichnung-tuch3 zeichnung-tuch11 zeichnung-tuch5 zeichnung-tuch4 zeichnung-tuch7 zeichnung-tuch2

The clay-woman and the forbidden fruits get glazed and burned.
Working in the atelier of Edith Corrieri.





Week 4 Pascale Küng & Martina Walther

Jun 12 2015

Progress with the drawings. We decided to set limits to the theme, and put our focus on the human relationships and love attachments. It’s a part of the original theme and contains all the human feelings in which we were and still are interested. We developed a good basement for the work and set the most important decisions for to go on working.


DSC_0008 DSC_0002 DSC_0005 DSC_0004 DSC_0006 DSC_0001 DSC_0007 DSC_0009


The clay work is completely done and ready for the exhibition
“Zwischensaison” in Glarus from 26.06.2015 – 02.10.2015.
DSC_0015 DSC_0006 DSC_0001

Originally we planned to woodcut a poster for the clay-work at the “Zwischensaison”, but now it will be a 3D poster made out of clay directly on the wall. If you are curious about that stunning idea, see you in Glarus or check out our Facebook-Walls -> Pascale Küng -> Martina Walther


Big thanks to the Sasso Residency! It was great, it was fun, it’s a perfect working place, thanks for this opportunity. Arrivederci Ragazzi!