Patrizio Anastasi, Alice Lotti

Jul 24 –
Aug 20 2016
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tuta – week 1 – Lago

Jul 31 2016

Hey! we are TutaAlice Lotti and Patrizio Anastasi, a visual communication studio from Turin, Italy. We work on brand identity, book design, illustration and self publishing. We are here in Sasso to work on a self-initiated illustrated anthology called 75 litri that involves other illustrators and that explores the relationship between people, objects and imaginary trip.
Here, between mountains and silence, our research begins.

monte gambarogno

post-sasso4In the first week we had a walk on the top of Monte Gambarogno and we explored the house and its objects.

tuta – week 2 – Swimming Pool

Aug 7 2016

In the second week we started to build the book putting together all the contributes from illustrators and we started also to draw ours. We went on the other side of the lake just for hiking, we met Pino and Pina (our donkeys neighbours), we counted the private swimming pools, these were a lot and most of these are unused throughout the day.



tuta – week 3 – Diga

Aug 16 2016

In this past week we went to Val Verzasca just to have a one day trip. We saw the big dam and the super beautiful rocks on the river. We also finished our illustrations for the book and now we are going to conclude this.