Sabrina Bosshard, Stefanie Kägi

May 6 –
Jun 1 2017

A collaborative project of the duo working in the fields of fine arts and fashion. Below: Exhibition view at Spazio ELLE Locarno, 2017.


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Stefanie Kägi, Sabrina Bosshard WEEK 1_RESEARCH

May 14 2017

We are Sabrina Bosshard and Stefanie Kägi, based in Berlin and Switzerland.  Having  backgrounds in fine arts and fashion, we collaborate since 2016 in addition to our own projects.

During our stay for one month in Ticino we are developing a project, which deals with local tradition and craft techniques. Our work refers to the old tradition of straw weaving, which was brought to Onsernone Valley by Swiss mercenaries in 16th century and made the region to an important manufacturer of straw products.

We will be exhibiting our work at Spazio ELLE in Locarno from Saturday 3rd. June to 25. June 2017

Gordola; Visit at the center for local crafts. Failed. The glati, centro del artigianato ticinese is not existing anymore.

Valle Onsernone; Searching for traces.

Local painting: Girl cutting straw

Loco; Museo Onsernonese… freeeeezing

Plaiting straw braids

Berzona (Onsernone); Meeting with Laura Blumer von pagliarte. An association from the Locarnese region, founded to keep the tradition of  straw crafts in the Onsernone Valley alive.

Genesi del cappello di paglia a Massa Fermana – Documentario Museo del Cappello:

braided in a 7 strand braid (binda oder treccia)

binda-Import 2017

interweaving the braids

Processing by sewing: Modeling a braid ‘binda‘ to an object.

Stefanie Kägi & Sabrina Bosshard, WEEK 2_WORK IN PROCESS

May 23 2017

Binda di sette paglia

Stefanie Kägi & Sabrina Bosshard WEEK 3_PRODUCTION

May 29 2017

Spazio ELLE, Locarno. Villa Igea


Stefanie Kägi & Sabrina Bosshard WEEK 4_ EXHIBITION

Jun 6 2017

Our exhibtion at Spazio ELLE in Locarno will run until June 25th