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May 18 –
Jun 14 2015
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Sarah Mazzetti

May 22 2015


I’m Sarah Mazzetti, I’m a Bologna-born but Milan-based illustrator. As a freelance I work for various kind of clients and projects, from the press to advertising and events-related commissions. I also co-curate a self-publishing label called Teiera, we mainly do collective books featuring comic artists and illustrators we admire.

In Vairano I’m planning to focus on a children book project, think about the text I was given and start developing the imaginary behind it. Besides I will have my usual commissions to deal with.

Ciao :)

Week 1 Sarah Mazzetti

May 23 2015

The first week in Vairano was pretty busy with commissioned illustrations, sketching ideas, taking ideas to final etc.. Here are a few pictures of my mess!


The mess.

dog girl

Self-rejected proposal for a poster. Still like the drawing though!


Stains for an editorial illustration.

Schermata 2015-05-22 alle 20.50.52

And some progress on the same piece (can’t publish the final unfortunately)


Pascale and Martina working on their project.

Week 2: Sarah

May 31 2015

This week I’ve work up a couple of panels of on one of the two book projects I will focus on in Vairano, I’ve worked on the shapes and colors it should have, developing some of the characters and defining the atmosphere of it. Here are some work in progress:





Besides I designed the cover for Vita Magazine, the main issue this month is the dramatic situation of immigrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea (AD Matteo Riva). Here are the sketches and a pic of the freshly printed magazine:

vita sk

vita prnt

I’ve also created a A1 poster for Mubi, which will be screenprinted with four colors, a very nice project! It’s a fairly complicated image, and I’ll be able to talk more extensively about it next week, however here are a few work in progress (AD INT Works)

print sk

Week 3: Sarah

Jun 9 2015

This week I kept on working on the children book projects, reading the text again, doodling, collaging and finally working on a new double page:





The screenprinted A1 poster I designed for It’s Nice That + Mubi was published, along with a sort of interview about the project (which was fairly complicated, I had to combine four very different movies in one image: Dogtooth, Milk, Control and Punishment Park):


Also this Prismo article about the concept of Time I illustrated was published last week:


And I translated into English a comic of mine for Vice US, you can read it here. The story was originally published in Teiera Autoproduzioni’s book Ten Steps in the City:



That’s it!


Week 4: Sarah

Jun 14 2015

Short but exciting week, on Monday-Tuesday I worked on my first New Yorker illo, here it is:


Here you can read the article, it’s about “bibliotherapy”…like, you pay a person to suggest you what to read. Yes. Anyway, as a brief for an illustration it was actually really nice!

And I started working on this year’s Greenwich Comedy Garden Festival Poster. It’s the second year I get to do the event’s image, and the AD wants to stick to the same layout with very little changes, so not much work from the thinking point of you, but still it’s a fairly crowded illustration that takes a while to be finished, here are some work in progress:


Schermata 2015-06-14 alle 17.16.36

Schermata 2015-06-14 alle 17.17.07

And me too I did a little clay thing! It’s a very small one, but I’m really happy with the result:


That’s it!

By the way, I had four lovely weeks in Vairano, thank you so much to the Sasso-Residency crew and to Martina and Pascale that made my stay so pleasant.