Sarah Schneider

Jun 26 –
Jul 23 2016
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Sarah Schneider – week 1 – a loaf rising in the sun

Jul 4 2016

Hi, my name is Sarah Schneider. I’m an artist based in the US.

The first week here at Sasso has been lovely. I have spent most of my time drawing out on the patio, walking down to the lake, learning to bake bread, and watching the Euro Cup with my fellow artists.


Today is Independence Day in America. In celebration of this, I cooked American style pancakes for everyone and I think they enjoyed it.

The project I’m working on during the residency consists of a series of drawings that will culminate in an artist book, or act as sketches for future paintings. These drawings, so far, are inspired by architecture, flora, weather, and forms found in the local environment.


Additionally, I’m collecting sound recordings- but I’m still unsure what will become of them or how they will be presented.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my time here, as my project develops and I continue to enjoy the experience of being in S. Nazzaro.

Sarah Schneider – Week 2 – Four Walls

Jul 12 2016

On the long and winding path back up to the house after swimming in the lake, we pass many strange boxy houses. There is something mysterious about these geometric spaces. I found a book in the Sasso collection called ‘La Casa Borghese nel Cantone Ticino’ containing interior images and aerial drawings.


These architectural elements are influencing the way I use space in the drawings I’ve been making.

blog2 copy

blog2 2

The weather has been mostly warm and beautiful, and I’ve been going swimming in the lake everyday. Yesterday it was raining on and off, but I went for a little swim anyway. As soon as we got back to the house it started to thunderstorm, and we watched from the second story balcony. The clouds completely filled the valley, making the lake and mountains invisible. I made a pretty great audio recording as the storm passed over.


Sarah Schneider – Week 3 – Going the Distance

Jul 18 2016

This week we climbed to the top of Monte Gambarogno, past waterfalls, open fields, and grazing cows, all the way to the metal cross at the top. It was beautiful and interesting and we could see out over many mountains in every direction. Beyond the book I came here to work on, I’ve been making some looser sketchbook drawings. This has been a helpful way to explore new ideas and ways of drawing. Here’s one I made of fireworks over the mountain

mountainfireworksClose to the top, we stopped to sit on a bench that looked out over the farm we had walked through. In this recording, you can hear the distant sound of cowbells, birds, and wind.


Sarah Schneider – Week 4 – You’re Joking

Jul 23 2016


It’s amazing how fast the month has flown by and I am sad to go! It’s a rainy final day here as we clean and pack up. Last night when I got into bed a tiny lizard jumped out from under my covers and scurried away. I will miss my new friends, the beautiful scenery, and all the time to draw. Thank you to Patrick, Charlie, Si-Ying, and Jens for making this wonderful experience possible.