Shoko Tsuji

Aug 12 –
Sep 7 2017
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Shoko Tsuji – Week 1 – Paradox

Aug 20 2017

I’m a “kundalini” experiencer from Paris, attempting to figure this thing out through words, photography and embroidery.

On my way from Paris to the residency, I stopped by the Emma Kunz foundation in Wurenlos to see the work of this Swiss woman who had put her spiritual research into form. I made it a point to start the residency with a new insight. I bought the book, and many writings were questioning the work: is it art.. or not? I remember the same issue rising up on Jung’s Red Book. The desperate need to find out is intriguing. Nature, filtered through the mind. It needs form. In-form. In-formation. We must deal with the fact that Truths and cliches fall in the cheesy category. So we’re defiant, until there is no likes or dislikes, no smart or not smart. I’m still naively processing the experience. 

WIP pieces.

Happy to find hydrangeas. They’ve been pointing out the way for quite a while now..

Shoko Tsuji- Week 2

Aug 27 2017

Working on an Emma Kunz study, embroidery version. To get in touch with color palettes I’m not used to. Also reinterpret a penciled work with threads.

First trial with cochineal.


Shoko Tsuji – Week 3

Sep 4 2017

Kundalini storyteller.

Emma Kunz study embroidery in progress. I wanted to add an indigo third eye that wouldn’t be too obvious. Seeing the eye is still the crazyest freakiest solo memory. It stares at you fiercely like nothing else -but yourself- would.

Finishing embroidered illustrations for a poem about other timelines, remembrance of the Knights etc.