Residency Program – Open Call

Dear Sasso Friends!

This year we keep it simple by applying for the Sasso-Residency 2021. If you want to apply, then we would like the following from you:

1. three pictures: You decide yourself what kind of pictures you want. You have Carte Blanche! The image files have to be numbered, titled, provided with your initials and published in jpg. format. Maximum 1200 x 800 pixel.

2. a text with a story from your life: You are free to choose, in whatever literary form – we want to be surprised. The story should fill a maximum of one A4 page with font size 11.

3. the completed application form: You can find the form here.

4. confirmation for the transfer of the application fee: We charge an application fee of 30 francs for individuals and 60 francs for groups. Details you can find here.

Send everything in an e-mail to


Deadline: 31 December 2020


Notification of decision by 11 January 2021

The jury consists of the Sasso-Residency Team and an external expert.



The architectural setting of CASA SASSO and its huge garden is very suitable for collaborative projects for up to eight residents working together. Individual residents and small groups will join others. Applications are being accepted for the months of June through to October, 2021.

A stay in the Sasso Residency program involves the use of the entire infrastructure (see the factsheet for details) for a duration of four weeks. Expenses for a small amount of basic costs of 150 CHF for the whole 4 weeks, the travel, food and materials are paid by the residents themselves. In addition, residents are required to present their project on our blog and to publish updates periodically.


Poster OpenCall Sasso Residency 2021