Residency Program

Welcome to CASA SASSO!

We warmly invite you to submit your project proposal. The architectural setting of CASA SASSO and its huge garden is very suitable for collaborative projects for up to eight residents working together. Individual residents and small groups will join others. Applications are being accepted for the months of June through to September, 2019.

A stay in the Sasso Residency program involves the use of the entire infrastructure (see the factsheet for details) for a duration of four weeks. Expenses for a small amount of basic costs of 150 CHF for the whole 4 weeks, the travel, food and materials are paid by the residents themselves. In addition, residents are required to present their project on our blog and to publish updates periodically.

Are you interested? Nice! Please answer the following questions:

– What do you plan to realise here? Are you pursuing a specific topic?

– Why is the SR the right place for your project? Is the rural and relatively isolated situation the right environment? Is there a connection to Ticino or to Switzerland in general? (optional)

– What is your creative background?

Answer these questions in your application, in German, English or French. Add the application form. Submit it digitally until December 31, 2018.
There is an application fee to be paid in advance: 40 CHF for a single person, 80 CHF for groups and collectives.​ ​Click here for details.

The decisions of the jury are mainly based on the project proposals and not on large CVs. Among the applying groups and collectives, we generally prefer those that have worked together before. The decision and our selection will be announced at the end of January 2019.